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Are you ready to equip your IT company with cutting-edge IT data? The 7th edition of IT Trends, produced by NOVIPRO Group and Leger, is tailor-made for you. In a constantly evolving world, IT Trends supports you in turning your challenges into opportunities.


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IT Perception and State of Technological Infrastructure

Organizational trust in IT is declining

A new finding is confirmed through this seventh annual report: economic pressures and the social climate have not improved companies' perception of their IT, even though the end of the pandemic may create the illusion that the increased risks of cyberattacks are behind us.


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of companies consider IT
as a strategic partner



Data Protection: A Concern for All

Law 25 and Bill C-27 aim to raise awareness among businesses about the protection of confidential data. In the event of a security breach, individuals affected by a cyber threat must be notified, or else companies risk fines of up to 25 million dollars.




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Internal Security: Overlooked Tools

Considering that security breaches are often caused by internal resources, it appears crucial to implement measures to manage your staff.


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Human Resources

As expected, the labour shortage continues to be a major concern for human resources in Canada. It's interesting to note that among all the provinces, Quebec faces significantly more challenges when it comes to recruiting IT positions, while Ontario has the easiest time.


Challenges in IT departments that companies are/will be facing regarding human resources

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What are other 2023 HR challenges?


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