NOVIPRO's virtual Private cloud solutions

Explore NOVIPRO's private virtual cloud solutions that support IBM® POWER® environments. IBM Platinum Partner with over 30 years of experience, we have reimagined cloud solutions to make them more flexible and accessible.

Discover the endless possibilities of NOVIPRO's private virtual cloud solutions for IBM POWER Systems

What cloud solution to choose for your business?

Given that options can be intricate and tailored to each environment, it is imperative to select the right cloud option.

We offer several options, each with its own advantages and can help you decide.


  • Flexible on-demand workload management
  • Preference for the operational expenditure model over the capital expenditure model
  • Flexible pricing models – daily, monthly, yearly
  • Consumption-based billing model


  • Maximum flexibility of workloads between public and private
  • Financial flexibility
  • Workload Optimization


  • Reduced cost in the long run
  • Speed of deployment of new applications or services
  • Flexible and versatile workload management options
  • Built-In Managed Services, giving you piece of mind
  • Security and network management flexibility
  • End to end solution design with disaster recovery in mind

 The benefits of our offer

Exceptionnal Operational Efficiency

Powered by IBM POWER Systems, our cloud computing features a secure and robust operational framework, enabling streamlined processes and a substantial enhancement in productivity.

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Your Data, Our Concern

We know the importance of data and the privacy that comes with it. For this reason, our Canadian data centers will store corporate data, ensuring enhanced protection and confidentiality.

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NOVIPRO Managed Services

Our managed services offer multi-platform and multi-environment operations coverage. We will be able to address any technological needs, from installation to maintenance, and from configuration to data migration, all tailored to meet the business requirements of your company. We also provide disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), backup as a service (BaaS), and annual security posture analysis services.

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Our specialists at Your Service

With our bilingual support center based in Canada, available 24/7, you gain access to the expertise of our specialists in IBM POWER environments and over 30 years of experience in the governance and operations of these systems. Our teams remain vigilant for vulnerabilities, always ready to address and resolve issues as swiftly as possible.

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Significantly Reduced Costs

Our private virtual cloud solutions offer is the assurance of savings so you can focus on the real challenges of your business. By optimizing your IT resources, we save you time and money.

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Tailored Packages to Suit Your Needs

We know the challenges of the market and companies. For this reason, we offer a variety of packages to meet your challenges in terms of storage, workloads, applications and more. From cloud computing to hybrid environments, whether hosted or within corporate data centers, to managed services—our solutions provide multiple flexible alternatives tailored to the specific needs of each business.

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Our expertise

Operations Governance
24/7 bilingual coverage and monitoring based in Canada
Over 30 years of experience with all IBM technologies
Level 1 and Level 2 Remediation

Managed Services options

DRaaS: Hardware or Software Replication for IBM POWER Environment

BaaS: Backup-as-a-Service for Cloud POWER Environment


Annual Security Posture Analysis




We have the highest certification in terms of operational security, SOC 2 Type II. This certification demonstrates our unwavering commitment to operational excellence and the priority we place on protecting your data.

This high guarantee of quality reinforces our idea of offering you a private, secure, and trusted cloud computing for your data.

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Why you should opt for NOVIPRO's Virtual Private Cloud for your IBM POWER Systems?

IBM POWER Systems (IBMi, AS/400, AIX® and Linux) is more than just an IT infrastructure. It's a powerful combination of the unmatched reliability of IBM POWER and the infinite flexibility, delivering an uncompromising computing experience. The combination of these two strengths enables companies to achieve unparalleled levels of operational efficiency, while ensuring robust security and adaptability to future challenges. With IBM POWER Systems, your business can not only meet today's needs, but also anticipate and excel in the rapidly changing IT landscape. When you choose IBM POWER Systems, you choose excellence, reliability and flexibility to take your business to new heights.


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