Whitepaper - IBM POWER : The platform of choice for SAP HANA

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Many medium and large companies already rely on an SAP HANA environment. Others would be well advised to consider migrating to HANA, to better inform their business decisions with rich, complete and instant information.

Which IT architecture lets you gets the most out of SAP HANA? Our white paper IBM POWER: The platform of choice for SAP, details the benefits of this profitable, flexible, reliable and high-performing combination.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • in the case of SAP HANA, why vertical scalability (scale-up) is preferable to horizontal scalability (scale-out)
  • how the reliability of POWER servers compares advantageously with Dell x86 and HP x86 servers
  • why POWER8 processors optimally exploit HANA's in-memory and column structure