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CyberEX Underground: Dive into the Secure Future of Cybersecurity with NOVIPRO

On November 1st, NOVIPRO inaugurated the first edition of CyberEX Underground, a VIP event dedicated to cybersecurity, bringing together clients and partners at the heart of major issues in computer security. Explore the brand-new concept of CyberEX Underground, an exclusive experience focused on the in-depth exploration of a fictional case study.

Immerse yourself in our innovative format with a fictional case study highlighting the major challenges of cybersecurity, and discover concrete solutions. Our seasoned partners will guide you through their expertise, presenting available solutions to address the challenges faced by numerous companies. With CyberEX, embark on a unique experience to understand, explore, and discover best practices in cybersecurity. Welcome to the secure future with NOVIPRO, alongside our clients and partners.

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You missed the November edition?
Good news, NOVIPRO is thrilled to announce the very first virtual edition of CyberEX.
March, 19, 2024
1 PM - 4 PM
Join us for an immersive cybersecurity experience.
A unique experience:

An expert panel

A fictional case study

Workshop sessions to explore solutions from our partners

An engaging closing conference

Admission is free, but spots are limited! Reserve now to secure your access to this unprecedented event that will expand your knowledge in digital security, unveil the latest technologies, and connect you with industry professionals.

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Case Analyses: Challenges and Practical Solutions


Enhanced Security with Fortinet: Convergence and Seamless Protection

Discover Security with Fortinet, understand the significance of TO frameworks, analyze the benefits of the security fabric for the convergence of IT and OT networks, and explore the seamless protection provided by Fortinet.

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Revolutionary AI: Darktrace, redefining cybersecurity

Discover how DarkTrace is revolutionizing cybersecurity with proactive threat detection through its AI. Explore the integration of playbooks for a swift response. Redefine your defense against digital threats with DarkTrace.


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Security and Compliance: Practical Guide from Data Sentinel for C25 Law

Explore Data Sentinel's compliance guide on C25 law, master sensitive data management through comprehensive inventory. Benefit from Data Sentinel's expertise to strengthen the security and compliance of your organization in a constantly evolving regulatory landscape.

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Optimize Security: Master Privileged Access for Consultants with Delinea

Explore best practices for managing risks related to privileged access for external consultants with Delinea. Familiarize yourself with key elements to enhance your protection, learn how to secure your access optimally, and anticipate potential threats.

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Maximize SaaS Efficiency with Zscaler: Optimal Cloud Security

Optimize SaaS Security in a Hybrid Environment with Zscaler. Explore best practices for transitioning to the cloud with shared security responsibilities.

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Operational Security by Nozomi Networks: Robust Solutions

Explore how Nozomi Network strengthens the protection of critical infrastructures with visibility and solutions for operational resilience against current threats.

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artic wolf-1

Enhanced Security with ArcticWolf: Assessment and Prevention

Strengthen your company's security with ArcticWolf: Explore the documentation to assess the costs and benefits of continuous network monitoring against potential threats

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Security Redefined: Cyber Insurances with Connectwise

Explore the impact of Cyber Insurances with Connectwise: discover the prerequisites for optimal protection. Integrate this solution into your security strategy.

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Key Moments


IT Break Special Edition: CyberEx

Discover a special edition of the 'Pause TI' podcast hosted by Bruno Guguielminetti, a renowned journalist in information technology in Quebec. This discussion between CISOs and CEOs of major companies delves into the crucial question: 'What keeps you up at night in cybersecurity?' Join us for an open conversation about the concerns and major challenges faced by these leaders, sharing thoughts, strategies, and experiences in addressing the threats and issues of cybersecurity.

Listen to this unprecedented discussion on the current challenges and solutions in digital security

*in French


Expert Advice 


Roger Ouellet, a seasoned security professional with 19 years of experience in storage architecture, computer security, virtualization, and networks, has held the position of Security Practice Director since April 2020. He guides and leads teams in protecting systems and sensitive data, demonstrating a continuous career evolution and a deep understanding of cybersecurity challenges.

Fighting Identity Theft with Multi-Factor Authentication, According to Roger Ouellet

At this workshop, learn to protect sensitive information against identity theft, strengthening online security with simplicity and effectiveness.

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Don't miss our workshop: Strengthen your defense against cyber threats. Join us to protect your business from unauthorized access.

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The Revolutionary Power of Digital Light Processing in Intelligent Classification

Discover a revolutionary data protection technology. Participate to master intelligent classification and strengthen your company's defense against leaks.

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Featured Conference

Watch the featured CyberEX conference presented by Alain Fortier on 'Digital Twins and Industrial Metaverses: New Allies in the Cybersecurity Battle?'.

Discover how these technologies redefine cybersecurity risk management, providing in-depth threat assessments and accurate simulations to test risk scenarios before they materialize. Gain insights into how these innovations shape proactive risk management in the new digital frontier.

Watch the conference for an immersive dive into the future of cybersecurity

*in French

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Join us next year!

CyberEX is returning next year, starting in September! Don't miss the flagship cybersecurity event. Secure your spot now and dive into the digital future with confidence.

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